Cutting nursery

The beginnings of our nursery business go as far back as the year 1958, when France Martinčič first devoted special attention to raising vine grafts. It was the year that he graduated from the Agricultural School in Grm by Novo mesto. After 1953, when our region was hit by heavy frost, the needs for good planting material increased significantly. At first, France Martinčič and Grandfather Franc grafted the vines alone, by hand. Soon, however, they got help, for after good two decades of manual labour, grafting machines first appeared. Our nursery’s reputation was growing from year to year, and we are happy to see that a good name reaches far indeed.
We have enhanced our fathers’ experiences with new knowledge, which is reflected in strong demand for grafts and satisfaction of our valued customers.
In our nursery, a strict constant selection of parent vines and rootstocks is being performed. We have enhanced our own thirty-year-old selection by planting young stock nurseries. Selection takes place in cooperation with the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (AIS). For each variety on each individual ground in the selection process, records are being kept in Selection Books.
In grafting, well-ripened wood is used for both scions and rootstocks. The wood is firm, small-pithed, healthy, smooth, hard to roll, and crackles when rolled. Well-ripened wood is perfect for grafting and also heals well. The quality of a graft is heavily contingent on the quality of healing of a grafting point. In grafting, only selected reproductive material is used.