Cviček 0,75 litra
Cviček PTP, 0,75 l
Cviček 1 liter
Cviček PTP, 1,0 l
Cviček 0,2 litra
Cviček PTP, 0,20 l
 General on Cviček
 Cviček Martinčič
  Cviček is a light, dry, fresh and pleasant wine suitable for any occasion. It is characterized by distinctive crispness (acid ranging from 6 to 10 g/l) at a low alcohol level (8.5–10.0 vol %). Production and processing of Cviček are limited to Dolenjsko wine-growing region. It is also typical and distinct for its composition. It is produced from grapes of both white (Kraljevina, Laski Riesling, Sylvaner, Zlahtnina, Ranfol, Lipna and other less known older varieties) and red vine varieties (Zametna Crnina, Franconian and Portugalka). Processing of different grape varieties can take place separately or together. The basic characteristics of Cviček are prescribed, and if the wine meets them, it receives the "Cviček PTP" marking (PTP is an acronym for recognized traditional denomination).
Cviček is served with traditional Slovene and in particular Dolenjsko dishes, e.g. "štruklji" (rolled dumplings), a suckling pig, a spit-roasted kid, "krvavice" (blood suasages) with cabbage, a St. Martin’s goose with "mlinci" (Slovene pasta), cured meat dishes, etc.

Despite strict rules, there is of course enough room for everyone to express themselves with their Cviček in their own way. In addition to a variety of scents of ripe raspberries, wild strawberries and other fruits, Cviček Martinčič is also characterized by moderate acid. The aftertaste is relatively long, which is due to the fact that vines are less loaded.

Cviček Martinčič is bottled in 0.75l,
1.0l and 0.20l bottles.

Packing in transport cartons:
6 x 0.75l
6 x 1,0l
30 x 0.20l

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